CFC Permits are required for all boats, cars and yachts with air-conditioning and refridgerators. Alternatively you can arrange to have these appliances degassed in the country of origin then you will need to provide documentation to prove this to Australian Customs. Click here for a de-gas statement template.

Small Trailer Import Permits are required for all boats on trailers, caravans, box trailers and fifth wheel trailers.DAZMAC can handle your trailer permit application on your behalf. Please contact us for further information.

Vehicle Import Permitsare required for all vehicles imported by Australian residents for both commercial and private use

The types of vehicle permits available are

Pre 1989 – This permit is specifically for older cars manufacturered before 1989

Personal Import – You must have lived overseas and owned your vehicle for more than 12 months to be eligable for this permit

SEVS – This permit is for approved Enthusiast cars, the approved list is found on the RAWS Australia website

Letter of Compliance – This is for newer cars and you must get a letter of compliance from the authorised compliance company for your car to get approval for this import. authorised compliance companies are found via the RVCS.

Race & Rally Car – Cars which enter Australia under this permit can not be registered for road use and need to be purpose build racing cars.

NON Road Vehicle – This is only for vehicles not designed to go on public roads

There are also other discretionary import permit for vehicles for exbihitions, mitlary forces, Special purpose vehicles and repairs available please contact us for any further advice and information.

Used machinery MUST have a cleaniness declaration from the supplier and an AQIS Permit

eg. Bobcats, cranes, forklifts excavators etc


Letter of Authority is required for all shipments in which you wish DAZMAC to handle

Bill of Sale / Commerical Invoice / Receipt is required for all Shipments

Packing Declarations must be filled in by the packer and are required for containerised cargo, both full and part loads

US Free Trade Agreement Declarations MUST be filled in by the manufacturer to avoid paying Import Duty

New Boat Declaration for all new boat and yacht imports may help avoid a Quarantine inspection on arrival

Log books of movements are required for large boats and yachts which have the ability to travel internationally on their own power to help Australian Quarantine assess your boat or yacht’s Quarantine risk caterogy

Click here for a de-gas statement template