Yacht Boat Transport

DAZMAC Marine Logistics runs a boat and yacht container share service from Los Angeles CA, USA (West Coast) as well as boat container share services from Charleston SC USA and Miami FL USA (East Coast)

Boats and yachts with a beam of a maximum of 8’6” or 2.59m & height of 1.8m can fit inside a container. Boats & Yachts with bigger beams have to go Roll on Roll off.

DAZMAC Marine Logistics can also handle all inland transport to any of our packers and can custom build cradles if the boat or yacht needs to be packed into a container, or onto a flat rack container. Our packers are located in Long Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, and Galveston in the USA

Having your boat or yacht packed into a container can save you large amounts on your shipping costs, and is the cheapest method to move boats or yachts.

Shipping boats & yachts in containers vs shipping Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk

There are pros and cons to shipping boats and yachts in containers and Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk.

Pros for shipping boats and yachts in containers

  • There are many more options for shipping lines both direct and tranship allowing faster transit time
  • Consolidating boats and yacht in containers can save you money on international shipping
  • If your boat or yacht requires quarantine cleaning our depots can provide this service onsite reducing possible additional charges

Pros for shipping boats and yachts as Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk

  • There must be other cargo packed into the container with your boat or yacht to save money in some cases
  • Shipping on Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk is the safest method of boat and yacht international transport
  • Boat and yacht trailer axles are often removed to fit inside a container and need to reattached upon on arrival
  • Larger boats and yachts do not fit in containers

Boats and Yachts which cannot fit into a container for shipping must be shipped as a boat on trailer (ro/ro) or boat on cradle (break-bulk) Service. This service is charged per cubic metre, so reducing the overall dimensions can save you shipping costs by removing windscreens, masts, keels, t-tops, radars etc.

All Trailers will require an Import Trailer Permit from the DOTARS

More Information on trailer permits can be found in our resource pages

We recommend that 2nd hand boats & trailers are cleaned and are Heat shrink wrapped prior to shipping to help avoid additional quarantine washing and fumigation charges

All 2nd Hand Boats and Yachts are subject to a mandatory Quarantine Inspection, and must be unpacked at a Quarantine Approved Premise (QAP), fumigating your boat or yacht will NOT stop Australian Quarantine from inspecting your boat or yacht on arrival, if it is 2nd hand it will be inspected regardless of what prior cleaning or treatment is done at origin.

Additional Service information

We can also offer various other service to assist your yacht or boat importing

  • Road Transport for boats or yachts on trailer or cradle in the USA and Europe
  • Boat/Yacht Cleaning in the USA
  • Cradle Construction for boats/yachts without or too large for boat/yacht trailers
  • Full Risk Insurance to/from anywhere in the world for boats and yachts
  • Reduce Boat/Yacht Dimensions by removing radars, windscreens and other parts of the boat/yacht to reduce the overall dimensions to either reduce shipping costs or to fit your boat or yacht into a container
  • Escrow Secure Payments – Our transporters can present a cashier’s cheque to the seller in exchange for your boat/yacht for guaranteed payment security
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