DAZMAC motorhome importers Australia  do not just import cars! Our volume and shipping line contracts allow us to offer competitive rates for motorhome importers Australia wide.

Our Roll on Roll off (RO/RO) shipping lines into and out of Australia are the safest method for importing a motorhome into Australia.

American & British Caravan and Motorhomes are very popular thanks to their high standards (British built motorhomes are also right-hand drive). There is also less compliance on the caravan with the electrics and also the doors and caravan width being the same as Australia.

Motorhomes and caravans imported for the USA require compliance from left-hand drive to right. However, motorhomes imported that are older than 30 years can in most states be registered as a left-hand drive for road use.

We run regular container consolidations for motorhomes & caravans from Los Angeles CA & Charleston SC, as well as from the UK to Australia. These shared containers reduce your shipping costs. We utilise roll on roll off vessels for importing and exporting larger motorhomes and caravans.

To obtain a quote to import a caravan, or motorhome on a Roll on Roll off vessel please click HERE.

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The general opinion of the public is that having a new vehicle shipped is too hard with a high price; however, that simply isn’t true when DAZMAC is on the case!

Motorhome & Caravan import permit approvals

To handle your caravan import permit application we will need the below from you, it’s important you have the import permit approved prior to arrival in Australia, and there is a minimum processing time of 21 days:

  • Photo ID – Either driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of GVWR (Aggregate Trailer Mass – ATM) This can be found on any one of the below
    • Copy / Photo of the Trailer Compliance plate
    • Letter/ brochure/ spec sheet from the manufacturer
    • Can be stated on the certificate of origin
  • Commercial Invoice / Bill of sale
  • Overall dimensions of the trailer (without the boat) LxWxH
  • Confirm coupling standard for trailer
    • Australian standard
    • UN/EU standard
    • US imports
  • Signed Power Of Attorney for DAZMAC to handle this application

For caravans with a GVWR of more than 4500 kgs, a more complicated and detailed process is required and each application is assessed individually. Caravans with a GVWR over 4500 kgs are not guaranteed to gain import approval so please contact us before, making a purchase and we can assess your caravan.

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DAZMAC has been shipping vehicles worldwide for years. We’ve lowered the cost of our service to make your exploration dreams a reality.

Can I import a caravan into Australia?

Yes! With the expert team at DAZMAC you can import caravans to Australia with ease. All you need to do is find the model you want and we’ll handle the rest all for one low cost. Our experienced team take the stress out of importing a motorhome into Australia.

How much does it cost to ship a motorhome?

Charges will vary based on destinations and caravan type. Take for example the price to import motorhomes from UK to Australia, which can be quite different to those comping from the USA. The best option is a free no-obligation quote from DAZMAC which details all of the costs specific to your import.

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The shipping, customs and compliance process is made much easier when it’s handled by our expert team.

Why choose DAZMAC for Caravan Shipping & Import

Ensure the safety of your new vehicle with the finest motorhome importers Australia can offer; DAZMAC. We have years of experience in a wide range of imports from a variety of countries. Our experts have streamlined the process and lowered the cost to make it even easier to import caravans to Australia. 


Do you have some more questions in regards to our team of caravan importers in Australia? You will find more answers in our FAQ section below:

How do I import a caravan into Australia?

The process of importing caravans to Australia has never been easier:

  1. Find the caravan you love in the US or UK
  2. Contact the team at DAZMAC to begin the shipping process
  3. Wait excitedly for your new motorhome to arrive – it’s that easy!

Who are the best caravan importers in Australia?

The finest caravan importers Australia can offer can be found at DAZMAC! We have years of experience and a successful portfolio of imports to our name. Trust a team with the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and safely.

How do I go about importing motorhomes into Australia?

The process of importing motorhomes into Australia used to be quite complicated, but the team at DAZMAC have simplified this. All you need to do is find the vehicle you want, let us know and we’ll handle the rest. That is how easy the shipping process is when you work with DAZMAC.

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