When people think of transporting items around Australia, they usually think of doing it by road. Which might be okay for those shorter distances between Sydney and Melbourne, or even inland, but rarely do we ever think of the cheaper, safer and easier version of coastal shipping.

Do you have a vehicle, either for private or commercial use, that you need to move around the country? Don’t risk the safety and condition of your vehicle with road transport through the harsh Australian deserts when you can move your vehicle around the coast in an enclosed car carrying ship. 

By letting DAZMAC International Logistics handle your safe vehicle transport, you’ll experience the following great benefits:

  • Clear costs with nothing hidden
  • The most competitive import and export rates
  • Door to door shipping
  • Reliable service that is completely responsive

Our shipping process utilises the ‘Roll on Roll off’ shipping method, which means your vehicle will travel safely, fully enclosed from port to port, avoiding things like insect debris, road grime, stone chips, red dust, and more. The clean arrival of your vehicle in our containers means less wear and tear from the vibrations of traditional road transport over long road trips.

Contact us today to see how you can benefit from the peace of mind that Coastal Shipping can offer. We can ship all over Australia, and internationally if you need that too; just get in contact with us today to see how we can help you.

Examples of Coastal Shipping Routes

Perth To Adelaide

Perth To Brisbane

Perth to Sydney

Perth to Melbourne

8 Must-Do Steps Before Shipping Your Boat Successfully to Australia

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