Are you looking for the best way to transport heavy machinery from overseas to Australia?

The most cost-efficient option is via the sea! The safety of your machinery can be guaranteed in an enclosed ship with DAZMAC International Logistics, we are the machinery importers who offer a cost-efficient option for the importing of new and used machinery.

DAZMAC’s service provides the following benefits;

  • No hidden costs
  • Safe and reliable shipping
  • A responsive team that offers in-depth communication

From taking care of your import permit to safely bringing machinery into Australia, our team can handle it all. Read on to learn more about our importing abilities and requirements.

What are the risks you should be aware of when importing machinery in Australia?

The shipping of large items can be difficult, especially when the cargo is too large to fit in a container. The logistics of this transportation requires a team of heavy machinery importers skilled in oversized and heavy-lift shipping. Mitigate the risks involved in moving large pieces of freight with a skilled and experienced team like the one at DAZMAC.

The risks of moving big pieces of freight often include loss or damage to the cargo or caused by the cargo. These risks are mitigated by our experts who have years of experience in how best to pack large freight to protect it from the various potential causes of damage during transit.

Our team also makes the process required for importing by the Australian Government much simpler, handling all customs requirements on your behalf. Whether you are importing new or used machinery into Australia, DAZMAC will guarantee the correct permit and clearance as part of our simplified process.

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DAZMAC’s shared container services allow for lower prices than our competitors. Get a quote for our import services from the machinery importers you can trust today.

Excavator and Tractor Importers to Australia

DAZMAC large machinery importers can save you money on your shipping costs as we offer shared container services. We handle quarantine related treatments onsite to lower additional transport costs and can provide a range of services inclusive of:

  • Machinery Shipping
    The shipping of heavy construction, industrial and farm equipment, both for new and used machinery from a selection of international destinations.
  • Heavy Haulage
    Oversized heavy haulage solutions that require special consideration or quarantine with support from versatile and reliable processes. We import to Australia on a regular basis and are well versed in all customs requirements.
  • Roll On Roll Off
    Our vessels have ramps that allow for efficient roll on and off, making it easier for self-propelled Heavy Equipment when importing machinery into Australia.
  • Vehicle Shipping
    Our team specialises in shipping motor vehicles straight to your door for a simple and safe, stress-free process.
  • Customs Clearance
    We handle the local documentation requirements when import machinery from the USA to Australia, so you can leave the hassle off your to-do list.
Importing Machinery australia

The logistics of this transportation requires a team of experts in oversized and heavy-lift shipping.

How much does heavy machinery transport cost in Australia?

Our years of involvement in the freight industry have led to an ability to deliver a premium service at a great price. This applies to our full suite of offerings for international importers and exporters, domestic shippers and individuals.

We assist in the entire process of importing at the most competitive prices available. Our shared container services allow for lower prices than our competitors for heavy machinery transport. To understand the exact pricing relevant to your import, speak to one of our consultants today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Importing Heavy Equipment Australia

Our years of involvement in the freight industry have led to an ability to deliver a premium service at a great price.

Why choose DAZMAC – one of the best machinery importers in Australia?

The option of a freight forwarder like DAZMAC brings with it the benefit of extensive experience and expertise in difficult modes of transport. We offer invaluable knowledge of the shipping process that provides our customers with complete peace of mind. Your heavy machinery will be transported safely and backed by full risk insurance.

We also use containers that are equipped and fitted in such a way that a lower rate of damage is applicable for things like tractor imports. Our track record shows a less than 0.5 per cent damage rate for Roll-on, Roll-off cargo.

Speak to the experts at DAZMAC who have over 50 years of logistical experience for a quote today!

We take pride in our high levels of service and attention to detail, along with our extensive freight knowledge. DAZMAC is your one-stop freight shop for all heavy machinery requirements, perfect for all commercial customer needs.

Get a quote via our automatic online system or use our contact form with a direct inquiry. Our knowledgeable are also always available to chat about your situation. We will assess your needs and show you how to save money on your heavy machinery import while also guaranteeing a successful delivery. Let’s chat today!


For unanswered questions, visit this section.

Can I import heavy-duty machinery in Australia (such as tractors, combines, excavators, etc.)?

Yes, our expert team is highly experienced in the import of a range of heavy duty vehicles. From smaller machinery to larger pieces, we offer safe and secure transport that you can rely on.

From which countries does Australia import machinery from?

The options for import are varied but dependent on your needs, including travel times and the specific cargo. To find out more, speak to one of our skilled operators today about your import.

What’s the easiest way to import machinery in Australia?

Dazmac is the answer. We handle the whole process for you, so you won’t need to lift a finger or worry about a thing.