If you are looking for a way to import heavy and agriculture machinery into New Zealand, then contact DAZMAC today and get an Instant Quote.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are the number one choice for importing heavy machinery from the USA, UK, and around the world into New Zealand.

The process is as simple as it can be:
1. Get in touch with us via phone, email, or the instant quote form on our website.
2. And we’ll take it from there

Our team of experts offer a cost-efficient import solution for heavy machinery from around the world. Not only do we keep you fully updated on the location and timelines relevant to your import, we also handle all import permits that are required to safely bring machinery into New Zealand. Read on to learn more about our services and how we ensure the safety and prompt delivery of your machinery.

How to import heavy machinery into New Zealand?

The most cost-efficient option for importing heavy machinery is by sea. Moving large, and expensive, machinery items can be a timely process, but placing your equipment in the hands of a logistics team who are experts in oversized and heavy-lift shipping makes things much simpler.

When it comes to moving large freight, the skilled and experienced team at DAZMAC are the best option thanks to our tried and proven processes. Honed over many years of shipping, we have refined the ways we pack and transport large freight to protect it from damage, ensuring its safe arrival in New Zealand. Our team also handles all requirements by the New Zealand Government, inclusive of customs, permits and clearances as part of our simplified process.

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Contact Dazmac for all of your heavy vehicle shipping needs, we handle customs and any other possible hurdle to ensure a stress-free process.

Heavy machinery shipping services for New Zealand

DAZMAC offers shared container services along with quarantine related treatments onsite to lower transport costs. We pass the savings that our refined processes create on to you. Speak to our team of experts today to receive a quote for any of the following services, available New Zealand wide:

  • Heavy Machinery Shipping
    From heavy construction to industrial and farm equipment, we can ensure safe transport from international destinations to New Zealand, ensuring you receive the equipment in great condition.
  • Heavy Haulage
    We provide heavy haulage solutions for items that require special consideration or quarantine. For you, the process is all online, with our teams keeping everything as streamlined as possible.
  • Roll On Roll Off
    We use ramps that allow for efficient roll on and off access for self-propelled Heavy Equipment.
  • Vehicle Shipping
    Both commercial and retail consumers can access a range of vehicle shipping processes that bring your new toy straight to your door.
  • Customs Clearance
    We handle the local New Zealand documentation requirements for all imports on your behalf.
Heavy Equipment import to New Zealand

We’ll ensure your machinery arrives safely to New Zealand from anywhere in the world, follow the links below to organise a quick quote today.

The cost of importing machinery into New Zealand

Over our many years in the freight industry, we have formed reliable worldwide contacts that not only guarantee the quality of our service but also keep the costs low. You benefit from this by receiving a premium service at an unbeatable price. We can offer a competitive quote for international importers and exporters, domestic shippers and individuals with no hidden costs whatsoever.

Due to the varying nature of the importing process, you will be required to speak with one of our team members to determine the exact cost of your service. Speak to one of our consultants today and we will organise a free, no-obligation quote, to assist in your budgeting process.

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Bringing heavy machines to New Zealand is not only possible, it’s easy with the experts at DAZMAC on the case. Ask for a detailed quote today.

Why do so many customers choose DAZMAC shipping services?

It is important to work with a freight forwarder you can trust. When your provider has many years of experience, as DAZMAC does, you receive a level of peace of mind that can be priceless. Our refined process brings the benefit of expertise that make dealing with difficult modes of transport simpler. Our invaluable knowledge of the shipping process ensures that your heavy machinery will be transported safely. To go even further, our services are backed by full risk insurance.

Our expert team ensures that all containers are equipped and fitted properly, ensuring a lower rate of damage. Our track record speaks to this point with a less than 0.5 per cent damage rate for Roll-on, Roll-off cargo.

Trust DAZMAC’s over 50 years of logistical experience today!

Every New Zealand based customer receives our high levels of service and attention to detail. Take advantage of our extensive freight knowledge today and speak to an expert at DAZMAC about your heavy machinery needs. We are your one-stop freight shop for all requirements and will work hard to ensure the best solutions and lowest prices.

You can organise your own quote via our automatic online system or speak with our knowledgeable staff directly for all the answers you need. Your heavy machinery is in the right hands for successful delivery with the DAZMAC team, let’s get to work!

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