Do you want motorbike shipping that can be trusted?

DAZMAC has been offering this service for years and is a trusted option for international motorcycle shipping.

Whether purchasing from overseas or selling to another country, DAZMAC Automotive is the best option for motorcycle import and international motorcycle shipping. Read on to learn more about our services today.

How do I choose the right motorcycle shipping provider?

The best bet is always to go with a provider that has a trusted and proven record of success. DAZMAC have spent years refining the import motorcycle process to guarantee safe travel for your exciting new toy.

We offer an escrow service (secure payment) to lower the risk of transferring money overseas and a bunch of other helpful options via our resource page. DAZMAC also offers regular consolidation for importing motorbikes from a range of locations so speak to one of our expert team today about your best international motorcycle shipping options.

Assistance with the shipping and customs clearance aspects of your import

DAZMAC are the experts when it comes to shipping and customs clearance requirements for international motorcycle shipping. We can import or export your bike in a consolidation container or use our trusted Roll On Roll Off method as well.

Running a motorbike tour or race event? Speak to our team about arranging temporary import clearances and the most affordable ways to ride and show off your collection.

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DAZMAC is the motorbike shipping experts. Enquire about our international motorcycle shipping services today.

Understanding the mandatory quarantine inspection required for motorcycle shipping

With any international motorcycle shipping, it is important to avoid additional costs from quarantine. To do this, all used motorbikes should be steam cleaned before shipping as any soil or plant materials can cause issues and expenses when received.

Our team recommends a quarantine approval cleaning facility before you ship a motorcycle anywhere in the world.

Do I need an import permit?

Yes. Anytime you ship a motorcycle you will require an import permit. No matter if it is a roadster or your new dirt bike for off-road use only. Motorcycle transport permits will depend on the type of motorbike you’re shipping and different import permit application requirements apply in each case.

You will require an import permit for customs clearance. Our experts can assist with the finer details of motorcycle transport to ensure you tick all of the necessary boxes. Let DAZMAC handle your import permit approval to ship a motorcycle so you can avoid any problems with the department of infrastructure.

A customs clearance cannot be finalised without an approved import permit. If you are shipping motorcycles without this approval, customs bond storage costs may apply, and these can be quite expensive. To avoid this, ensure the Import Permit is a part of the shipping allowance for your ride.

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DAZMAC motorcycle transport is a low-cost international shipping option perfect for bringing any cargo in from overseas.

Why bother with buying an international motorcycle?

By expanding your motorcycle shopping options to internationals sellers you will see the following benefits:

  • A more significant range of choice
  • Zero import duty thanks to the Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA)
  • Cheaper motorcycle options
  • The ease of online shopping

The various importing options available with DAZMAC

When buying an international motorcycle, or any other range of larger items, DAZMAC offers many options to keep prices affordable. Our shared container services and high levels of service (which include quarantine related treatments) make for a refined process. We offer the following overseas options:

  • Heavy Machinery Shipping
    Our team can ensure safe transportation for large equipment that is required from a number of international destinations ensuring arrival in great condition.
  • Heavy Haulage
    If you have large items that require special consideration, our heavy haulage process begins online and is kept as streamlined as possible.
  • Roll On Roll Off
    We are well-known for our efficient roll on, roll off option for motorcycle and vehicle shipping as well as self-propelled large watercraft. This safe method offers an extremely low damage rate.
  • Vehicle Shipping
    All other vehicle transport for commercial and retail consumers can be accounted for along with your motorcycle. No matter what you need to bring or send, we can offer a safe solution.
  • Customs Clearance
    All of the correct documentation is taken care of for motorcycle clearance included in our amazing cost listings. Our imports are set up based on destination and other requirements, which is why every quote is tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
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Transport of all kinds of motorcycles is easy with DAZMAC. We ship all over the world!

How much does it cost to import motorcycles?

DAZMAC freight forwarding is very affordable, as we’ve spent years figuring out the best ways to ship a range of items. Our premium importing for motorcycles comes at an unbeatable price. The best way to figure it out is by getting a competitive quote that is unique to your situation.

Our free, no-obligation quote can be done right now from your computer to give you an exact answer and help to plan your budget.

Why choose DAZMAC when it is time to ship motorcycles?

With many years of experience, DAZMAC offers peace of mind via a refined method and invaluable knowledge. We help your motorcycles arrive safely at their destination thanks to our team of experts who arrange shipping and documentation relevant to each country in question.

We use packing methods that lower the rate of damage to less than 0.5 per cent with Roll-on, Roll-off cargo.

Let a DAZMAC expert with over 50 years of professional experience help with your delivery today!

There are many proven reasons why so many people trust the experts at DAZMAC and our high-quality service is the primary one. We are the one-stop freight shop that offers the lowest prices so quote via our automatic online system today.

You can also speak with the DAZMAC team to find the best service option for your importing needs.

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We ship to your destination and ensure all requirements are met.


For unanswered questions, visit this section.

Which service will cost the least for my motorbike shipping?

DAZMAC has refined and lowered our prices thanks to many years of experience in the shipping industry. As a result we can offer the most competitive prices for importing your new ride. The requirements of every destination will vary, which is why we tailor our products to you.

How much does a motorcycle import cost?

The price will vary due to the item you are transporting and where it is coming from. For a definitive answer regarding the international motorcycle shipping rates, we recommend an online quote. You can also speak with one of our team to see which costs are applicable to your destination.

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