DAZMAC Automotive Logistics specialises in importing caravans from UK to Australia so you can get the motorhome of your dreams delivered to your doorstep!

British motorhomes have been popular in Australia for a long time, and we make it easy for you to find yours.

In addition to the commercial purchases, there are a lot of British, Irish and returning Australians travelling back to Australia to live which need to ship not only their personal effects but also their caravans and motorhomes as well.

There is a scheme set up for individuals called the personal import scheme which allows caravans that are imported to avoid going to a RAWS workshop for compliance, saving costs to get the caravan or motorhome registered.

importing caravans from uk to australia

Importing caravans from the UK to Australia is easy with the professional team at DAZMAC, fill in our online quote form today!

We are more than just your average freight forwarder or customs brokerage, as we offer specific services tailored to our customers needs such as

  • Secure International Payments
  • Transit Finance
  • Approved Pre quarantine cleaning
  • Claim back VAT on purchases in the UK
  • Import Permit Application Services
  • We can recommend a compliance workshop in each state

Please take the time to read this page if you are seriously interested in shipping a vehicle from the UK to Australia as it explains all the steps involved and options available.

Below are popular websites to find British and European Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes to Import from the UK to Australia

It is important to get Pre Purchase Reports for all imported Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes in the UK to Australia

Once you have found a vehicle in the UK you are interested in purchasing, it is highly recommended you get a pre-purchase report done by an independent company.

For pre-purchase reports for cars, caravans and Motorhomes please follow this link https://www.theaa.com/vehicle-inspections/index.html

TheAA.com also offers data reports so you can check if a vehicle is stolen.

import motorhomes from uk

Found your dream motorhome but it currently sits in the UK? No problem! We have the simplest import process available.

Pre-purchase reports are important for several reasons

There are many reasons why you should consider a pre-purchase report, including:


  1. They can stop you from buying a bomb! Some sellers may use old photos when the caravan was in better condition.
  2. It confirms the vehicle is real and genuine. There are some scammers on the internet so you need to beware.
  3. Knowing the exact condition of the vehicle can allow you to better negotiate the price and also repairs are often cheaper in the UK so you may be able to arrange any repairs prior to the vehicle departing the UK if required.
  4. Insurance. Damage and theft are very rare on Roll on Roll off shipments, it’s less than 0.5% and for vehicles which we arrange the packing and unpacking in containers. Damage does happen so should a claim arise your pre-purchase report will ensure your claim is processed quickly and without any issues.

Import Taxes

The relevant Australian import taxes include:

Duty 5%:

  • Payable on vehicles that do not comply with Schedule 4 or any of the Free trade Agreements we have in place
  • Vehicles that are 30 years or older are duty-free as per the following item from Schedule 4(please note that the vehicle must comply with the following):

 SCHEDULE 4: Item 41D 941 (* ) Vehicles of an age of 30 years or more, being:

(a) utilities or pick-ups, having a g.v.w. not exceeding 3.5 tonnes classified under 8704.21.10 or 8704.31.10 of Schedule 3; or

(b) passenger motor vehicles

RATE: Free

Luxury Car Tax:

Applies on vehicles that exceed the allowable Luxury Car Tax threshold to see the current LCT threshold please CLICK HERE based on the vehicle sell priceless duty, GST or LCT. Luxury Car Tax is payable at 33%

Import GST

  • Payable at 10%
  • Not payable on vehicles that are solely designed for people with a disability

All Imported Cars Require Permits

The types of vehicle permits that are available are as follows:

Pre 1989 – This permit is specifically for older cars manufactured before 1989

Personal Import – You must have lived overseas and owned your vehicle for more than 12 months to be eligible for this permit

SEVS – This permit is for approved Enthusiast cars, the approved list is found on the RAWS Australia website

Letter of Compliance – This is for newer cars and you must get a letter of compliance from the authorised compliance company for your caravan or motorhome to get approval for this import. authorised compliance companies are found via the RVCS.

Race & Rally Cars – Cars that enter Australia under this permit can not be registered for road use and need to be purpose-built racing cars

NON Road Vehicles – This permit is only for vehicles not designed to go on public roads, such as dirt bikes, and ATVs

**There are also discretionary import permits for vehicles for exhibitions, military forces, special purpose vehicles and repairs available. Please contact us for any further advice or information.

Full Risk Insurance

DAZMAC offers full risk insurance for vehicle imports. The cost is only 1.25% of the insured value. Generally, you will ensure the value of the vehicle and freighting costs. The highest value you can insure is the vehicle + freight + 10%. The Minimum cost for insurance is USD 250.

How Shipping Vehicles From UK To Australia Works?

This is the easy part:

  • Step 1: Find your desired caravan
  • Step 2: Contact us for a no-obligation free quote (we offer very competitive Roll on Roll Off shipping pricing as well as shared container packs from our UK depot to all major ports in Australia).
  • Step 3: Let our team, a Licensed Customs Brokerage group, handle the shipping process from start to finish so the product is a true door to door service.

It’s that easy! DAZMAC handles caravan imports into every major port in Australia. This means all you have to do is find the vehicle and we do the rest! We can offer a full guarantee on pre quarantine clearance for motorhomes shipped from Southampton to Australia by Roll On Roll Off.

We also offer free advice so do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding your specific circumstances.

To request a quote please click here.

How much does it cost to import a motorhomes from UK to Australia?

The price of importing caravans from UK to Australia can vary dramatically based on a range of factors. For this reason, the best way to get a quote that is matched to your needs is by filling out our no-obligation online form.

uk caravan import

It’s easy to get out and explore Australia with your new motorhome fresh from the UK thanks to DAZMAC’s simple and cost-effective import process.

How can we help?

When it comes to importing caravans from UK to Australia, you can trust the experts at DAZMAC. We have years of import experience across a range of vehicle types, the finest partners abroad, and the knowledge to ensure a simple and safe journey.

Enjoy peace of mind and benefit from our unique skillsets today. Fill out an online quote to see how competitively priced our exceptional services are.


Do you have more questions about importing caravans from UK to Australia? You may find the answers in our FAQ section below:

How much does it cost to import a caravan from UK to Australia?

To find the exact cost of importing your caravan or motorhome to Australia, fill in our online, no-obligation quote form. Prices can vary drastically for each unique situation, so get an exact answer for your case with ease via DAZMAC.

Can you import a caravan into Australia?

Yes! While there are various regulations to adhere to, inclusive of Australian Quarantine, you can certainly bring a caravan from the UK to Australia. DAZMAC take care of all costs that may need to be considered to ensure you obtain a roadworthy certificate.

Will a caravan fit in a shipping container?

Yes, in fact, with DAZMAC’s Roll on Roll of method of transportation, your new caravan can be safely stored in our secure containers,  minimising the risk of damage during import.

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