Are you looking to import heavy machinery from the United Kingdom into Australia?  In 2019, Australians imported over $2 Billion dollars worth of heavy machinery equipment from the United Kingdom; so it’s clear that many of you do.

As Australia’s leading importer, the team at DAZMAC are the heavy machinery importers from the United Kingdom to Australia that you can trust. We offer competitive rates with no hidden costs for safe and reliable shipping.

We’ve seen a significant increase in exports of used plant machinery worldwide, including from the United Kingdom. However, export regulations have changed post-Brexit requiring supplementary customs paperwork, tariffs, and duties. This can make it hard for people and individual businesses to know what to expect when exporting from the United Kingdom.

Our team of experts can simplify the import process by handling all of the importing requirements to ensure your machinery import is not held unnecessarily at the border. Let our responsive team handle any heavy agriculture machinery equipment importing from the United Kingdom to Australia that you may require.

What Type of Machinery Does Australia Import from the UK?

There seems to be no end to the machinery that Australians like to import from the United Kingdom;

  1. Tractors and Heavy Agricultural Machinery
  2. Construction Equipment
  3. Earthmoving Equipment
  4. Bulldozers and Excavators
  5. Front-end Loaders

And much, much more.  If you want, we can ship it.

heavy machinery importers from UK to australia

Trust the finest heavy machinery importers from UK to Australia there is with DAZMAC

What’s the Process for Importing Machinery from UK to Australia

Thanks to our extensive networks of contacts and years in the business, we can provide an end to end service that can help you with the entire importing process, so all you need to do to start the process of importing machinery from the United Kingdom to Australia is to give our friendly team a call, let them know what you’re looking to do, and we’ll take care of rest.

How to get started?

The most important part when starting is to understand your needs.  How much equipment are you looking to import? Where is it now, and where do you want to get it to? We ship to all major ports in Australia including; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle, Perth. Once you know those few details, just give us call to begin the process.

Planning and Shipping

From keeping the Australian government happy to making sure you have the correct import permit, we’ll handle all of the planning and documentation on your behalf.

All UK exports require an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) along with various other rules that, if not organised prior to your shipment, will cause significant delays and increased costs when reaching customs. We can ensure these are all taken care of.

Shipping overseas isn’t known as a quick process, so make sure you are giving yourself time, with reasonable deadlines for when you need the heavy machinery equipment in Australia. To help speed the process, get the equipment in the best condition possible in advance of shipping, breaking it down into the smallest components that it can go, to allow for easier shipping, and cheaper costs for you.

Once your shipment is on its way, you’ll be provided with tracking details so you can monitor the shipment as it goes.

Customs And Quarantine

The roll-on, roll-off (RORO) process suggests that your vehicle will simply roll on to a ship at origin, and roll off at its destination. And while that is true, there are many logistical steps along the way that complicate the process.

Strict custom and quarantine measures from the Australian government will ensure your cargo has a rigours checklist to comply with before it is released to you.  As your customs broker, we ensure that all strict biosecurity measures can be easily addressed, and you’ll be informed along the way about your cargos status as it passes these security checks.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Machinery from UK to Australia?

The short and sweet answer, is to expect around 40 days.  However that can vary depending on the ports that you are shipping in and out of, as well the boat that your shipment will be one.

Our RORO Shipping Schedule will give you an example of the length of our shipping times for import machinery to Australia.

heavy agriculture machinery equipment importing UK to Australia

Whether it’s brand new or used machinery, we’ll have it cleaned up and sent over from the UK in no time at all.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are many factors to consider when importing machinery from the United Kingdom;

Your Cargo. Shipping costs will be assessed according to your machine’s size and weight. The more it can be broken down into smaller, more compact items, the better and cheaper it will be for you.

Which Ports. Are you shipping from Port Felixstowe or Southhampton, to Fremantle or Sydney?  Which port you use can change your costs dramatically, especially when considering the potential for inland transport to and from those ports.

Fees and Charges. From customs clearance requirements to border quarantine controls, there are a series of taxes, GST, levies and charges you’ll pay for your Australian import.

Your best option to understand what your specific cargo might cost you, use our online free quote system to get an immediate cost for your shipment today.

Why choose DAZMAC?

As the top freight forwarder in heavy equipment, our professional team offers the benefit of extensive experience and expertise that can help you navigate even the trickiest of machinery importing.

We’re familiar with the import requirements, can handle all customs and border control issues, including quarantine, and provide the best door to door machinery shipping service to ensure your total peace of mind.


Where Can I Find UK Heavy Machinery to Import Into Australia?

There are many UK based websites that people will use to find heavy machinery to import into Australia. Two of the more popular websites are;

Why import machinery from the UK to Australia?

The cost of bringing machinery, especially used machinery, into Australia via a shipping container service, can be your most cost-effective option in many cases, especially when the vehicle is not readily available in Australia currently. Our specialised service makes the process very easy, and your machine will be ready for pick-up in no time.

What’s the easiest way to import machinery from the UK to Australia?

Many people are put off by import requirements and quarantine inspection timeframes, which is why letting a professional team like DAZMAC handle the entire import process for you, your easiest solution.

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