Vehicles 25 years and older are eligible for Import to Australia via a concessional import scheme former known as the Pre 1989 Scheme. This changed on the 10th of December 2019.

This scheme is designed to allow Automotive enthusiasts to Import popular classic / historic vehicles in Australia.

Many classic & Historic cars are imported from the USA, UK, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand every year to Australia.


To be eligible under this option, the vehicle must meet the eligibility criteria under section 36 of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019.

The vehicle must meet one of the following categories:

  • Passenger Car (MA)
  • Forward-control Passenger Vehicle (MB)
  • Off-road Passenger Vehicle (MC)
  • Moped – 2 wheels (LA)
  • Moped – 3 wheels (LB)
  • Motor cycle (LC)
  • Motor cycle and side-car (LD)
  • Motor tricycle (LE), or
  • Light Goods Vehicle (NA)

The vehicle must have a relevant build date that is at least 25 years before the date of the application. The relevant build date is the later of:

  • the date that assembly of the vehicle was first completed, or
  • if there are significant modifications, the date that the last of any significant modifications were completed

How to Apply?

To Apply for your Personal vehicle import approval (VIA) you need to register online with the department on infrastructure. CLICK HERE to register.

CLICK HERE for more information. Application take 3-4 weeks to be processed and you should not ship your vehicle until you have your Vehicle Import Approval.


Compliance is required if you intend to register your vehicle for road use in Australia. This is separate to a road worthy inspections / repairs, and includes work such as child anchor restraints.  Once you your vehicle meets ADRs it is ready for registration in your state or territory.

DAZMAC can refer you to a reputable compliance workshop


New South Wales


Western Australia


Northern Territory

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