Vehicles owned for more than 12 months whilst living overseas can be imported through a concessionary import scheme. This scheme was designed for persons immigrating to Australia as well returning Australian citizens.

There is NO concessions on import taxes. 10% Import GST (if applicable) apply to all vehicles imported to Australia. Duty and Luxury Car Tax may also apply depending on the value and country of origin.

All Personal imports are required to have a customs valuation to calculate your import taxes.

Please CLICK HERE to view DAZMAC Information sheet for Personal Imported Vehicles.

How to Apply for a Vehicle Approval?

To Apply for your Personal vehicle import approval (VIA) you need to register online with the department on infrastructure. CLICK HERE to register.

CLICK HERE for more information. Application take 3-4 weeks to be processed and you should not ship your vehicle until you have your Vehicle Import Approval.

Citizenship and visa requirements

Applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

  • be an Australian citizen; or
  • have applied to become an Australian citizen; or
  • be an Australian permanent resident (e.g. hold a permanent visa); or
  • have applied to become an Australian permanent resident (e.g. applied for a permanent visa); or
  • hold a visa that allows you to apply to become an Australian permanent resident (e.g. hold a temporary visa that allows you to apply for a permanent visa); or
  • otherwise be entitled to remain in Australia indefinitely (e.g. is a New Zealand citizen).

Ownership of the vehicle

Applicants must satisfy each of the following ownership requirements. You must:

  • own the vehicle when submitting the application; and
  • have acquired ownership of the vehicle while overseas; and
  • have owned the vehicle while overseas for a continuous period of at least 12 months. This is the “qualifying period”. The qualifying period must have occurred immediately before you (permanently) arrived in Australia.

Limit of 1 vehicle every 5 years

Applicants may only import one vehicle under the Personal Imports Option every five years.


All vehicles need to go to a compliance workshop prior to registration in Australia to confirm the vehicle meets Australian Design Rules (ADRs). Personal Imports are entitled to some concessions on compliance. We can refer you to a compliance workshop if required.

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