Want to buy and import a boat or yacht from USA to Australia?

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When it comes to buying and importing boats or yachts to Australia you can rely on DAZMAC International Logistics.

DAZMAC imports hundreds of yachts and boats from the USA to Australia each year, so we have the knowledge & experience to make the shipping process stress free.

Why import a boat from the USA to Australia?

There are many reasons why people consider importing a boat from USA to Australia:

  • Greater range of boats and yachts when importing boats from USA
  • There is no import duty for American manufactured boats and yachts because of Australia – United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA)
  • Boats and Yachts are cheaper in the USA than in Australia

Our team of experts offer a cost-efficient import solution for boats from the USA to Australia. We keep you fully updated on the location and timelines and handle all import permits.

DAZMAC’s importing process to Australia

We are a licensed customs brokerage which means we handle the shipping process from beginning to end. DAZMAC ships boats and yachts Australia wide covering all major ports. This means all you have to worry about is finding the boat, and we do the rest!

Once you find a boat or yacht in the USA you want to purchase, it is highly recommended you get a survey or pre-purchase report done by an independent marine surveyor. There are two surveyor associations in the USA, SAMS and NAMS; these associations also cover several other countries.

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The cost of boat transport to Australia will surprise you with DAZMAC!

The Marine Survey report is the most important step

When importing a boat, a marine survey report is a vital first step because:

  • They can stop you from buying a boat in worse condition than advertised! Some sellers use old photos when the boat or yacht was in good condition.
  • It makes sure the boat is real and genuine. There are plenty of scams on the internet so you need to beware and be careful.
  • Knowing the condition of the boat or yacht can allow you to negotiate a better cost and also repairs are often cheaper in the USA. Also you may be able to arrange any repairs prior to boat shipping USA to Australia.
  • Insurance. Damage and theft are very rare on Roll on Roll off shipments (less than half a per cent for boats and yachts). Also on container shipping in which we arrange the packing and unpacking for the containers. Damage does happen, however, so should a claim arise your survey/pre purchase report will ensure your claim is processed and approved quickly and without any issues.

Import Duties, Taxes and Permits

For American-made boats shipped from the USA to Australia, there is No Import Duty. Please be aware if you buy a boat or yacht in the USA which was manufactured in another country an Import Duty of 5% FOB applies. This is the value of the boat plus the freight costs including any inland transport or repairs to the boat.

  • American made boats imported from any country other than the USA will also incur import duty of 5%
  • Import GST of 10% applies to all boats & yachts on the CIF value, which is the costs of boat or yacht, the cost of the insurance and the freight costs including any inland transport or repairs to the boat
  • The exchange is based on the day of departure from the USA supplied by Australian Customs
  • All used boats and yachts will be inspected by Australia Quarantine, the minimum charge is $139 for the inspection, they will charge additional fees if the boat or yacht if it requires cleaning
  • All boats and yachts with air conditioning units require an import permit from the government to gain entry to Australia
  • Trailers when importing boats to Australia also require an import permit from the department of infrastructure even if you do not intend to register or use the trailer in Australia

DAZMAC can handle both of these USA Boat Imports Permits on your behalf when boat shipping from USA to Australia to ensure there are no delays or additional storage charges upon arrival in Australia.

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From inspection to transport, find the boat of your dreams and get it to Australia all through DAZMAC!

Buying your American boat or yacht

Once your survey is complete and you have settled on a price with the seller it’s time to make payment. If you need help with buying boats from USA to Australia and are concerned with transferring your funds to a company or private individual overseas in the USA, we offer an escrow (secure payment) service which guarantees security for you.

You pay DAZMAC and we pay the seller in the USA and collect the boat. We will hand over a cashiers cheque in exchange for the boat or yacht. Please note our drivers will check the VIN and HIN # to confirm they are the correct boat and trailer but do not check the boat condition.

Full Risk Transit Insurance

DAZMAC offers full risk insurance when importing boats from USA. The cost is only 1.5% of the insured value. Most boat importers will insure the value of the boat and shipping costs. The highest value you can insure is the boat+freight+10%.

The Minimum cost for full risk marine transit insurance is USD $295 when importing boats to Australia.

Shipping your boat or yacht from the USA to Australia

This is the easiest part for American boat imports Australia, all you need to do is speak with DAZMAC for a no-obligation free quote. We have instant quotes available online which cover your port to port shipping fees including the customs clearance and initial quarantine inspection attendance.

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No matter what kind of boat you are looking for, we ship boats of all sizes into Australia

The various shipping services available through DAZMAC

DAZMAC offers shared container services, quarantine related treatments and more. We work to keep transport costs low and pass the savings of our refined processes on to you. Our team of experts can explain the following services in more detail if necessary:

  • Heavy Machinery Shipping
    Large equipment is ensured as a safe transport option from a range of international destinations so you receive the equipment in great condition.
  • Heavy Haulage
    Heavy haulage solutions for large boats that special consideration or quarantine is available via our online process. We work to keep everything as streamlined as possible.
  • Roll On Roll Off
    Our ramps mean efficient roll on and off access is the standard for self-propelled large watercraft.
  • Vehicle Shipping
    We also supply vehicle transport for commercial and retail consumers that bring your new toy straight to your door.
  • Customs Clearance
    All local USA documentation requirements are taken care of by our team on your behalf.

How much does it cost to import a boat from the USA to Australia?

We have spent many years in the freight forwarding industry forming reliable worldwide contacts. This benefit of working with DAZMAC guarantees quality and keeps costs low. This is how DAZMAC offers a premium product at an unbeatable price. To understand the cost of importing a watercraft to Australia, get a competitive quote with no hidden costs today.

Due to the varying nature of the importing from the USA to Australia we will need to determine the exact cost of your specific service needs. Speak to one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation quote.

Why choose DAZMAC transport services?

With years of experience and a significant portfolio of success, DAZMAC is a transport provider you can trust. DAZMAC offers a level of peace of mind thanks to our refined method and expertise.

The invaluable knowledge our team has ensures your new American boat will be transported safely. We ensure this by having all of our services backed by full risk insurance.

All containers are equipped and fitted properly to lower the risk rate of damage. Our track record of a less than 0.5 per cent damage rate for all Roll-on, Roll-off cargo is proof of the team’s skillset.

Make the most of DAZMAC’s 50+ years of professional advice today!

Our high levels of service and attention to detail are the primary reason why so many people choose us. Take advantage of the knowledge held by an expert at DAZMAC, your one-stop freight shop that offers the best solutions and lowest prices today.

Organise your own quote via our automatic online system or chat with us directly to understand what we can do for you and the cost involved. With the DAZMAC team, transport, inspection, customs and more are all taken care of for a low cost.

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Found the perfect watercraft for your lifestyle? Get it to Australia for a great price with DAZMAC.


For unanswered questions, visit this section.

Who is the best option for importing a boat into Australia?

You are in safe hands if you choose a provider with a large portfolio of success. DAMAC has many years of experience in the industry and a proven track record to show we are one of the best options for bringing a boat from America to Australia.

How much does it cost to bring a boat into Australia?

Prices vary based on the specifics of your unique situation. As a result, we recommend our online quote system or a simple discussion with one of our team to understand the costs relevant to your situation.

What are the steps of bringing my boat to Australia?

The full requirement is very simple with DAZMAC on the case. In fact, you can do everything you need to from your computer, and we’ll handle the rest! Once you have found the boat you wish to bring to Australia, contact us for a streamlined transport method, it’s that easy.

8 Must-Do Steps Before Shipping Your Boat Successfully to Australia

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