DAZMAC takes NO responsibility for damage, delays or theft of any inner cargo in vehicles, motorhomes, caravans, boats or yachts shipping on a Roll on Roll Off or Breakbulk vessels.

The main reason for this is because vehicles are left unlocked on the ports. These sites are customs controlled and have high security such as security fencing, 24 hour security guards onsite, and CCTV. This DOES NOT make them immune to break ins and theft.

From our experience there is a very low percentage have issues but they do happen, and normally happen to customers who do not follow our inner cargo rules.

If you going to have inner cargo is MUST complete an Inner Cargo Declaration. Please CLICK HERE to complete the declaration.

Inner Cargo Rules

  1. All Inner cargo is shipped at the sole risk of the customer
  2. All Customers with Inner cargo MUST complete a Inner Cargo declaration
  3. DO NOT load valuables in the vehicle
  4. Maximum Total Value for inner cargo allowed $1000.00 per vehicle
  5. Maximum Value per item for inner cargo is $150.00 per item
  6. Inner cargo can only be accepted in lockable compartments, boot or luggage area.
  7. Inner cargo cannot be placed on seats, or impede windows, mirrors or driving of the vehicle in anyway
  8. Note not all Shipping lines or trucking companies accept inner cargo or personal effects so this may cause additional futile trip, storage, gate out, and or delays to your shipment, if not correctly declared upon booking
  9. DAZMAC Transit Insurance excludes all Inner Cargo / personal effects
  10. No Weapons
  11. No Dangerous or Hazardous goods
  12. No Food, Fruit or Vegetables
  13. No illegal Substances
  14. No fragile / Glass items

Acceptable Inner Cargo

  1. Baby / Child Seats
  2. Parts associated to the vehicle eg spare tyres, jack etc
  3. Linen
  4. Books
  6. Kitchenware such as pots & pans


Your vehicle must be in clean condition to ensure there is no additional charges from quarantine on arrival. Further to this, if your vehicle has loose soil or plant material on or under the vehicle it can be rejected by the shipping line at the port of departure. Vehicles used for off road need to be especially careful and ensure the under carriage is clean. Its recommended to give your vehicle a clean prior to transport to avoid any potential delays or additional charges.

Coastal Shipping Insurance

Transit Insurance Covers:

  1. Fire, Theft, Accidental Damage of the vehicle only.
  2. Earthquake and Tsunami
  3. Total Loss on board, and General Averages claims
  4. Theft of fitted Audio – up to a set value
  5. Fitted wheels (including spare wheel)
  6. Original factory gear shift lever knob
  7. Replacement “smart” keys, or Electronic Remote Keys, if lost in our care.

It DOES NOT cover:

  1. The vehicle while in the care and control of the Shipper Vendor, Agent, or their suppliers/transporters.
  2. The vehicle once it leaves our care and control (If an importer engages transport from port, then any damage, or loss must be reported to DAZMAC Pty Ltd prior to removal from Port).
  3. Electrical/Mechanical issues or failure (unless definitive proof of negligence while in DAZMAC Pty Ltd care and control is supplied by Claimant).
  4. Damage caused by (or attributed to) vehicle modification including but not limited to lowered vehicle ride height, aftermarket aero body parts/panels, wheels, etc.
  5. Damage, theft, or loss to vehicles or vehicle parts where the vehicle is purchased as “Damaged” and shipped in an unrepaired state.
  6. Damage caused by (or attributed to) Stevedores or Agents where vehicles are determined to require towing or fork lifting to load or unload vessels in an expedient manner.
  7. Loss of any Vehicle value after any repair claim, or loss of potential buyer.
  8. Betterment. We are only liable to bring vehicle back to purchase condition.
  9. Any after-market equipment or fittings including Stereo or Navigation systems (unless specifically notified before shipping)
  10. SD or SIM Cards, or equipment rendered inoperable by the absence of SD or SIM Cards
  11. Damage caused by inclusions inside vehicles
  12. Damage of value below the Claim Value Threshold.
  13. Rust, oxidisation, and discolouration
  14. Incidental costs
  15. Excludes third party liability
  16. Any claims whatsoever for glazing cracks and/or damage if any pre-existing chips and/or damage is noted on the auction sheet or DAZMAC Pty Ltd Gate In Survey

DAZMAC Pty Ltd  reserves the right to:

  1. Negotiate payment settlement. 
  2. Supply parts from its own sources.
  3. Direct the repairs to be undertaken at any designated repair workshop.
  4. Limit payment to the same amount as a subsequent independent company quotation as sourced.
  5. Return a vehicle only to its quoted condition at time of purchase.
  6. Reduce payment amount where betterment results / new items fitted.
  7. Decline those parts of claims for “service items, fuel, grooming, etc”.
  8. Decline an invalid claim.
  9. Decline claims for mechanical or electrical faults.
  10. Decline any claim, with insufficient, or incomplete information.
  11. Decline any claim that has not been filed or completely filed within the required time frame
  12. Decline any claim, which contains false/ altered content or statement

Decline any claim, where evidence of the claimed matter is deemed to be ‘pre-existing’.


In order for DAZMAC Pty Ltd to accept a Claim, you must:

  1. Have vehicles shipped Coastal Shipping package service, or purchased full transit insurance separately if not shipped via this package service.
  2. Have paid for the vehicle and services in full (clients with accounts in arrears will not be entitled to any payouts).
  3. Notify DAZMAC Pty Ltd as soon as possible, but within 7 days of vehicle arrival on +02 9099 0340 or daryl@dazmac.com

Have a completed Claim Form returned via email within 14 days of vehicle arrival.

  1. Not claim for minor damage / loss, or items of value which are less than the Claim Value Threshold of AUD 1000.00 (Excess).
  2. Not commence any repair or replacement without DAZMAC Pty Ltd written approval.
  3. Supply any and all information we have requested to evaluate the claim