Service Details

  • Drivable vehicles
  • Bi-Weekly Sailings
  • Roll On Roll Off (RORO)

*We can ship vehicles larger than 20 cbm but all quotes will be done on case by case basis and we will require the L x W x H *Heat Treatment AUD 250 per vehicle up to 20 cbm is mandatory from 1st September to 30th of April each year shipped by Roll on Roll off

Delivery if requested for up to 20 m3 in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth metro areas: AUD 200.00 + GST. Melbourne metro areas: AUD 210.00 + GST.

Rate Inclusions

Yard Survey Origin Document fees Freight port to port
Current BAF (Fuel Surcharge)
Gate In Photos Australian Port Service Charges
Australian Document fees Customs Clearance

Rate Exclusions

Import GST (10% of the CIF Value and Duty) Import Duty (5% of the FOB Value) if applicable – Please there is Australia – Japan Free Trade agreement for Japanese manufactured vehicles shipped from Japan to Australia. Duty also does not apply to vehicles older than 30 years
Customs entry fee AUD 92.00 if the total clearance value is under AUD 10,000.00, or AUD 194.60 if the value is over AUD 10,000.00 (note that the Import Exchange conversion rates are decided by Australian Customs Vehicle Import Approvals (you can click on this link to apply for one CLICK HERE, BUT we highly recommend you ask a compliance workshop to get it for you. Please follow this link to find a list of RAWS Workshops)
Luxury Car Tax (LCT) *if applicable, which is the CIF Value + Duty + GST minus LCT threshold x 33%, and this only applies to passenger vehicles, not commercial vehicles To see the current LCT threshold CLICK HERE Compliance (To check if your vehicles can be complied CLICK HERE. Please note this list does not include vehicles made before 1989 because they can all be complied)
FOB charges from the suppliers door to the Japanese port of export, but note that most suppliers pay for these costs as part of the purchase price of the vehicles and give you an “FOB price” per vehicle Air Conditioning   Regular Importers can apply for a gas license through the department of sustainability. Low volume exemptions are available importers shipping no more than one vehicle per 25 kgs of CFCs in a calendar

Special Notes

To use the above DAFF pre-cleaned & pre-cleared system and pricing, you either cannot ship other items in the vehicle, or we have to get pre-approval from Japan to allow a small amount of items to be shipped. All vehicles containing too many other items to use this service must go through the normal DAFF process after the vehicles arrive in Australia, which normally requires steam cleaning to be done after arrival, incurring extra costs of approximately AUD 300.00 per vehicle (including DAFF’s processing charges).

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