Rate Inclusions

Export Clearance Transport Depot to Port
Freight Port to Port Port Charges Both Ends
Current Baf / Fuel Surcharges Total Loss Insurance
NZ Customs Clearance Transport Destination Depot/Compliance shop
NZ MPI Quarantine Inspection Gate in Survey / Gate out Survey

Rate Exclusions

Import Taxes in New Zealand Compliance (You must check if your vehicle can be complied)
Tow fees or Forklift for Non Running Vehicles Via yard Transport Fees
Storage while the Vehicles waits for the ship to open Additional Transport for Vehicles outside metro areas
Quarantine Cleaning in New Zealand Fumigation (if required by NZ MPI)
Full Risk Insurance *Additional 1.5% o f the insured value Minimum $300.00 applies

Special Notes

Roll on Roll Off – Will not automatically accept vehicles. If they are non runners or forklift vehicles you need to specify this on the booking and we need the shipping line to accept the vehicle. It is vital we know if the vehicles is a Runner, Rolling or forklift shipment so it is booked correctly. Also if the vehicle is deemed too dirty the shipping line may refuse to accept the vehicle on board the ship. Additional fees will apply if cleaning is required in order to gain acceptance by the shipping line.

Immigrants and Returning NZ Citizens – You maybe entitled to a reduction in import taxes, please see below links for more information. If you are eligible for a import tax concession, you will get an additional charge of NZ 150.00 for the concessional customs entry.


Compliance – Your vehicle must meet the below standards.

  • Emissions (Euro 4)
  • Frontal Impact
  • Stability Control

Vehicles manufactured more than 20 years old are exempt

PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), this is applicable to NEW (never registered) vehicles. This will need to be completed in Australia by an approved agent of the vehicle manufacturer prior to export. Currently we are unable to help in organise PDI

Left Hand Drive Vehicles
You can import this to import into New Zealand but for road registration you will special interest permit and you must meet its specific criteria: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/importing-a-vehicle/exceptions/importing-a-left-hand-drive-vehicle/

Vehicle Finance
You must completely pay out your finance to be eligible for concessional import to avoid or reduce your import taxes in NZ.

For more information about compliance in New Zealand CLICK HERE.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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