Interstate Car Transport

We offer Interstate car transport right across Australia.


  • Brisbane to Sydney/Melbourne/Fremantle (Perth)
  • Sydney to Brisbane/Melbourne/Fremantle (Perth)
  • Melbourne to Sydney/Brisbane/Fremantle (Perth)
  • Fremantle (Perth) to Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane


East Coast Services – Road Transport

We have a trucks going up and down the east coast, Melbourne to & from Brisbane via Sydney each week which allows us to offer very competitive rates. In our fleet doing interstate transport we have tilt trays and can handle non running vehicles without problem.

This service is based on open transport.


East to/from West – Coastal Shipping

Shipping from the East to West we utilize Roll on Roll off shipping vessels which means your vehicle will travel enclosed from port to port which means you avoid Insect debris, road grime, stone chips,  red dust and less wear and tear from the vibrations which occurs during traditional road transport on such long road trips.This is considered a premium service over road transport Ships depart weekly with similar transit times to road transport options, with competitive pricing as well.

Key Benefits

  • No Insect Debris
  • No Road grime
  • No Stone chips
  • No red dust


Transit times to/from Fremantle (Perth)

  • Brisbane 15 days
  • Sydney 13 days
  • Melbourne 11 days


Don’t live in city?

Don’t worry we can deliver just about anywhere. Just let us know your address and we can provide a door to door quotation.

8 Must-Do Steps Before Shipping Your Boat Successfully to Australia

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