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Some of the assurances you’ll get from working with an experienced specialist freight forwarder and customs brokerage business include:

1. Advice and knowledge of the process
An experienced import company nor only has knowledge of the process, they have the contacts and tools to help safeguard your investment and make sure that you get what you’re expecting. DAZMAC can put in touch with independent accredited U.S. survey company to inspect the vessel to guarantee it’s presence and condition, and arrange for insurance in the case of a damage or loss. A proper survey can save time and money should you have to file an insurance claim.

2. Full risk insurance
Whether you’re importing from overseas or buying local, anything can happen while cargo is in-transit. Although boats shipped in properly equipped and fitted containers have a lower rate of damage during transport than those that don’t, the damage rate is even lower when your shipment is handled by a professional; there’s less than a 0.5 percent damage rate for Roll-on, Roll-off cargo.

3. Logistics and compliance support
Another issue with importing a boat from overseas is one of compliance with different standards in the USA versus Australia. Registration varies from state to state for boats and trailers.

Trailers that comply with Aussie specs are available in the USA at very competitive prices, and there is a minimal amount of compliance standards for small boat trailers. The weight and width of the trailers will determine what compliance is required.

Larger boats may need a converter for electronics components depending on the country of origin.

4. When you contract a company like DAZMAC to advise you, they can tell you up front about any tax liabilities and other fees that might take you by surprise when you self import. Because they’re also licensed customs and quarantine brokers, they can head off any issues before they become a problem, and file all necessary paperwork and permits on your behalf.

In short, when you deal with an industry insider, you get:

  • Transparency in the process, with no hidden costs
  • Cut out the middle men
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Licensed customs and quarantine clearance
  • Door to door shipping
  • Online tracking abilities, so you know where your boat is at every step


Transglobal Logistics USA

“After several years of failed attempts at finding a reliable agent to represent Trans Global in Australia, we partnered with Dazmac. We have been using Dazmac as our Australian agent since 2010 and could not be happier. Their level of customer service, attention to detail, extensive knowledge about import requirements, and wide-ranging service options has greatly increased Trans Global’s value to our clients. Dazmac has finally allowed us to offer a level of customer service that we feel can not be matched in the market.”

Aldo Flores

General Manager

Macgregor 26m arrived in Brisbane march 2013

Hi Brett,

We picked her up on Tuesday without incident, I looked her over pretty well and it all seems to be there and in one piece.

I would like to thank you and the team at Dazmac for your assistance and professionalism in what proved to be a hassle free experience. I wouldn’t hesitate in using your team again should I decide to import another boat.

We are very happy with our purchase and the whole import experience, the only thing left to do now is go sailing.

Kind regards, Den.



Fifth wheel trailer into Port Kembla NSW June 2013

G,day Otis

Steve and I would like to thank you for all your help and advice.

We learned a lot and if we ever import again we would not hesitate

to use you again. I will recommend you to anyone wanting to do what we did.

Attached is a photo

thanks greg nielsen.



1977 Corvette Stingray arrived January 2014

Thank Otis,

I passed on your number to them as suggested.

Thanks for all your help it has made this end of the process very easy.

If I ever hear of anyone looking for an import agent will be sure to advise them of Dazmac.


Best regards

Scott Hinch


As long as you do your homework and contract with a reputable shipping company & customs broker, you can import your boat of your dreams without worrying about the stress, time, and red tape you save by allowing a professional to handle your transaction.

An informed consumer is a wise consumer. If you have any further questions regarding your options about boat purchases, or you want to talk to a representative about your intention to import a boat, you can contact Dazmac directly through their website. We hope this guide has been helpful in directing you toward a decision.


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