Quote Number, if known

Personal Details

Cargo Details




You May be Eligible for Reduced Taxes in NZ

How long have you lived in Australia?

(Not eligible concessional Import & import taxes will apply)
(You may be eligible concessional Import to part or full reduction of import taxes)
(You may be eligible concessional Import to part or full reduction of import taxes)

How long have you owned the vehicle?

Notes: partial concessional discount may apply on the taxes in NZ Notes: full concession on import taxes in NZ on the condition you do not sell vehicles within 24 months.
*Valuation is required for vehicles owned more than 12 months which is additional NZ $100.00 (even for concessional imports)
For More Information, please click HERE.
*Concessional Customs Clearance is an Additional NZ $150.00
*You are eligible for compliance concessional please contact a compliance company in NZ for more information

If this vehicle has never been registered in Australia
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), this is applicable to NEW (never registered) vehicles. This will need to be completed in Australia by an approved agent of the vehicle manufacturer prior to export. Currently we are unable to help in organise PDI’s.

Your vehicle must meet the below standards. Vehicles manufactured more than 20 years old are exempt
  • Emissions (Euro 4)
  • Frontal Impact
  • Stability Control

Do you have any finance on the vehicle?

Note: You must completely pay out your finance to be eligible for concessional import to avoid or reduce your import taxes in NZ
For more information about compliance in New Zealand CLICK HERE

Is the vehicle Lefthand drive?

Sender / Seller Details

Consignee / Receiver/ Compliance Centre
*Note vehicles cannot be drivern on the road until they are complied

Photo ID*
**eg Drivers license passport or proof of age card**


Invoice or receipt showing what you paid
**if unavailable we can arrange a valuation**

Insurance (not included)

To view Insurance terms and Conditions please CLICK HERE.

Additional Details

to act as our agent on our behalf to handle our domestic, coastal and/or export shipment and request that all relevant documents be forwarded to them without delay. I / We have read, understand and accept all of DAZMAC Pty Ltd terms and conditions including Sections for Freight Quotes, Dimensions, Quarantine, Loss & Damage & Uncollected Goods
I also understand that if I have not selected insurance, I will be responsible for any costs for accidental damage should it occur in transit, and the insurance does not cover inner cargo whatsoever. Inner cargo is shipped at my own risk and my vehicle may not be accepted unless I follow the strict Inner Cargo Rules set by DAZMAC Pty Ltd

to arrange our import clearance into New Zealand and agree & Understand the terms of trade. To view the terms of trade please follow this link Autohub Terms of Trade | Price and Payment | Liability

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